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Loved To Death

Original Victorian Mourning Photograph Daisy

Original Victorian Mourning Photograph Daisy

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Original Victorian Mourning Photograph with Floral Spray - “Daisy”

Collect a piece of history with this original Victorian mourning photograph, featuring a poignant floral spray commemorating a deceased individual named Daisy. This evocative piece includes a gold-framed photo that appears to have been displayed on the lid of a casket, offering a rare glimpse into Victorian mourning customs.


• Authentic Victorian Mourning Art: A touching floral spray honoring Daisy, captured in a historical photograph.
• Gold-Framed Photo: The photograph, framed in elegant gold, adds a solemn yet beautiful element to the piece.
• Historical Significance: Provides insight into Victorian mourning practices, making it a valuable collectible.
• Ideal Size: Measures approximately 6 x 8 inches, perfect for display or preservation in a collection.

This original Victorian mourning photograph is a rare and evocative artifact, ideal for collectors of historical memorabilia or those with an interest in Victorian customs. Its unique nature and excellent condition make it a significant addition to any collection.

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