Loved To Death is located in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco. 
  Owner Audra and the shop were featured on the Science Channel's television show, "Oddities San Francisco"
We specialize in Odd antiques, Victoriana, unique jewels, Art, Crystals, Ritual and Self work tools.  Audra makes Art and Jewelry available in shop and online. 
Loved To Death was spawned in 2008 by Owner Audra. Loved To Death began as an art endeavor making Victorian themed anthropomorphic taxidermy dioramas and jewels made with recycled animal parts, bone and teeth jewelry. Victorian inspired Taxidermy Memento Mori, as the inspiration behind Loved To Death was the Victorian Mourning Era and the memorial rituals that Victorian's practiced. Audra was also intrigued and appreciative of the use of Natural items and personal effects like hair and baby teeth or beetles in their jewels. It struck Audra to create her own designs inspired from Victorian sentiment to create jewels made with these unique pieces, as a Memorial to the specific piece.                                                      
1681 Haight St (cross street Cole)
San Francisco, Ca 94117
 Store Hours
Closed Tuesday