Out of Print Books

By Audra Kunkle
on July 15, 2014

Here's a post just for all of you bibliophiles out there. Today we wanted to share some titles from our  Out of Print Books section with you. We've been collecting for a while, and now we have enough to justify a whole section in store and online. We are still adding titles online dailyOur collection ranges from Edgar Allen Poe and Oscar Wild to Antique medical books, postmortem photo anthologies and foreign texts and art books. This week we thought we'd share our top five favorite books with you. 

Right now we are all pretty enthralled with our selection of books from the Burns archive. The archive is known for  it's unparalleled collection of early medical photography, and also for giving the world insight into the darker aspects of life; death, disease, disasters, deformities, and war. We made sure to have a little bit of everything from this range in our collection.  



Shooting Soldiers: Civil War Medical Photography by R.B. Bontecou




Salomé by Oscar Wilde c.1945

We are all big fans of Oscar Wilde, so it's a treat to have this little beauty in store. This beautifully bound hard cover edition of Oscar Wilde's Salome was printed in 1945 and is in very good condition. Originally published in French, 'Salomé' is Oscar Wilde's 1896 dramatization of the biblical story of Salome, the step-daughter of Herod who danced before Herod and in so doing wins the granting of any wish that Herod may be able to fulfill. Salome asks for the head of John the Baptist. Fans of Wilde will delight in the dramatization of this biblical story.

I Cari Estinti: The Dearly Departed by Marion Peck (Italian Import)


I Cari Estinti: The Dearly Departed by Marion Peck (Italian Import)



Made in Italy, The Dearly Departed features paintings by Marion Peck that were inspired by portrait photographs of now-dead children and animals from the 19th and early 20th centuries. All of the pictures in this book  are haunting and lovely this book is definitely a little wonder. 


The Bone House by Joel-Peter Witkin


A retrospective look at the work of one of the late twentieth century's most profound and disturbing artists. For this collection Joel-Peter Witkin has personally selected from his own archives his finest images, ranging from his early Coney Island "freak show" studies to his most recent work. Witkin's  work is deeply symbolic, yet is immediately satisfying.The macabre and sublime mix in these images, mostly tableaux on mythical themes and ideas, which  Witkin explains with the observation, "I consider myself a portraitist; not of people, but conditions of being." The 90 plus photos included in this book will take the reader into the darkest corners of their imagination and beyond.

Audra's Favorite:


Sleeping Beauty II Grief, Bereavement and The Family In Memorial Photography: American & European Traditions



 Sleeping Beauty II was created to compliment the exhibition " Le Dernier Portrait" at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, in which, several photographs from the Sleeping Beauty series have been included. This book presents for the first time the important distinctions between American and European postmortem imagery.



We have more out of print books hitting the website soon so check back regularly to see whats available.  See you next week!

Collecting Chris Conn Askew Made Easy

By Audra Kunkle
on June 19, 2014
Who doesn’t love the amazing art of Chris Conn Askew? We sure do. We’ve been carrying his beautiful prints and SekretCity International jewelry line here at Loved to Death for some time now. His aesthetic is so vibrant and haunting we just can’t get enough of it! He started painting seriously in 2006 and has continued to let us peek inside the secret recesses of his mind through his brilliant watercolor, ink graphite gouache and gold leaf originals and high quality prints.  

If you’re anything like us it’s hard to choose just one piece of art by Chris Conn Askew to take home. Maybe you’re not quite decided on your first piece, but you’re still itching to start collecting his work. We are happy to announce we have the solution to your collectors dilemma.

Now at Loved to Death the first four mini prints set by Chris Conn Askew.                                             



These prints are  perfect for a collector starting out. Each mini print is 4” x 6” and are easy to frame . The set includes “Fox and Girl”, “The Rose and the Nightingale”, “Carmelia” and “One for Louis”.  All of the prints are giclee, made using rich, deep “100 year” lightfast pigments on fine, heavy 180gsm Hahnemühle paper.  All of the prints are enclosed in black linen envelopes and are bound together with a delicate gold ribbon stamped with his signature hand made SekretCity International wax seal. Don’t worry this is the first set of mini prints available, with more on the way. We can’t think of a better way to start a Chris Conn Askew collection.

Audra’s Favorite: “The Rose and the Nightingale”

" I love this print as it was inspired by one of my favorite romantic Oscar Wild stories of the same name." 





There are more to come and we will have them in store and online as soon as they are ready. Don’t forget to check back next week to see what’s new. 

What's New? Pheromone by Christopher Marley

By Audra Kunkle
on June 13, 2014

Hello everyone! Thanks for being so patient. We know it’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been busy getting some amazing new pieces in the store and we can’t wait to share them with you here on the Loved to Death Blog.  So make sure to check in weekly to see what’s new in store and online.

We are all big fans of art here at Loved to Death, and nothing could be better than specimen art. Extending the life of nature past the confines of death and creating art from it could not be more special or closer to our hearts. 

Today we are excited to share some amazing specimen art pieces from the collection Pheromone by Christopher Marley. 



European Gold Finch


Marley has been hand crafting these pieces for 17 years now with a completely ethical sensibility. 


From the artist: 

"Utilizing a huge network of museums, breeders and zoos with whom I've worked over the years, I acquire the specimens that die of natural or incidental causes and preserve them in my trademark aesthetic. 

No organisms are harmed in or for the creation of Reclamation pieces. 

As the availability of most of the Reclamation organisms is entirely unpredictable, each piece is truly one of a kind – some never to be repeated. 

Now you don’t have to choose between your conscience and your passion to experience the earth’s rarest, most exquisite creatures up close. We've reclaimed these exotic vertebrates and created stunning, karma-free artwork that is unsurpassed in impact."
Audra's Favorite: Violet Damsel Fly Diamond 
"I love this piece because of its darkness and fragility. The contrast between the iridescence of the violet wings and the graphite mat sets this piece apart from the rest."
Check out our complete selection of Pheromone art online and in store now. 
Can't choose just one? Neither can we. So check out Pheromone : The Insect Art Work of Christopher Marley available in our online shop and in store now. 
Don't forget to check back next week to see what's new and hear more about Audra's favorite items. 

We Are Very Excited To Announce a Limited Edition Custom Chris Conn Askew Print Made Especially for Loved To Death!

By Audra Kunkle
on September 03, 2013
We have been carrying a selection of Chris Conn Askew's amazing art prints and SekretCity international jewelry line here at Loved To Death. I have always been a fan of Chris and his art and am very excited to announce a limited edition run of 30 signed and numbered prints of a Painting Chris did exclusively for Loved To Death!
They will ONLY be available through the shop and it is a beautiful piece. Giclee, made using rich, deep “100 year” lightfast pigments on fine, heavy 180gsm Hahnemühle paper. As always, the prints are made by master craftsman Jay Foran at Alpha Reprographics.
They will be available very soon...... above is a partial teaser clip.
Please watch the Facebook page and Blog for updates!

Oddities San Francisco Season 2 In Full Swing!!

By Audra Kunkle
on September 03, 2013
As you may or may not know Loved To Death is featured on Discovery Network's SCIENCE Channel in a show titled Oddities San Francisco! The show follows the daily goings on of the shop and staff as we wade through treasures and well other things too that come through our doors. You will see many interesting folks and hear their stories and see their collections as well. Oddities SF is in it's second season and airs on Saturday nights at 10PM Pacific. Please check it out and let us know what you think on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loved-To-Death/33539518563?ref=hl
Thanks for your support through the years, it's been a fun ride and we look forward to many more!

Welcome to our new website!

By Audra Kunkle
on May 15, 2012
Thanks for stopping by! Please let us know of any problems you may run into while shopping our new site. We are in the first week of launch and there may be a few glitches here and there. If you have any questions you can email info@lovedtodeath.net and we will reply promptly. Thanks again and enjoy shopping!