Resilience and Beauty - The Inspiration Behind Our Victorian-Inspired Handmade Parlor Dome Collection


In the heart of every creation lies a story, a purpose that goes beyond aesthetics, bridging past and present through meticulously crafted symbols. Our latest jewelry collection, inspired by the Victorian parlor dome collections and the captivating curiosities they housed, embodies this principle. These domes, often filled with exotic specimens and objects of fascination, served not only as decorative focal points but also as a way to showcase the collector's worldly knowledge and aesthetic sensibility. Drawing from this rich historical backdrop, our collection weaves the symbolism of beetles—a creature admired for its extraordinary resilience and transformative powers—into each piece.

This approach not only serves as a reminder of personal resilience but also as a talisman of positivity and good luck, much like the beetles that inspired them.

The Inspiration: Victorian Parlor Domes 

Victorian parlor domes were captivating glass displays that housed an array of curious specimens—from exotic butterflies to delicate botanicals and fascinating beetles. These domes served not only as decorative pieces but also as windows into the wonders of the natural world.

Our jewelry collection draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of these parlor domes and the curious artifacts they contained. Each piece captures the essence of Victorian curiosity while embodying the symbolism of the artifacts within.

Symbolism of Beetles: Persistence, Intelligence, and Strength

One of the central motifs in our collection is the beetle—a symbol of persistence, intelligence, and strength in tough times. Just like beetles, we are reminded to stay strong and work towards solutions, using our inner strength and intelligence to navigate challenges and embrace growth.

Beetles symbolize extraordinary strength, capable of carrying loads many times their own weight. This remarkable physical prowess makes them emblematic of persistence and the ability to leverage one’s own strength to overcome obstacles. 

Celebrate Resilience and Beauty

Our handmade jewelry collection invites you to celebrate resilience, beauty, and the transformative power of nature. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, embodying the spirit of Victorian elegance and the enduring symbolism of beetles.

Explore our new collection and adorn yourself with jewelry that embodies the timeless qualities of persistence, intelligence, and strength.


This collection, like the Victorian parlor domes, is more than just an assembly of beautiful objects; it is a gathering of stories and symbols. It invites wearers to carry a piece of history adorned with deep personal and universal meanings. In each curve of metal and gleam of beetle gemstone, there lies a call to inner strength and the promise of transformation—a true reflection of the beetle’s journey and our own paths through life’s myriad challenges.

We invite you to explore this unique blend of historical craftsmanship and meaningful symbolism, and perhaps find a piece that speaks to your own story of resilience and growth.

Early release to LTD Coven members May 18th at 9AM.

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