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{ Job } Mucha Enamel Pin

{ Job } Mucha Enamel Pin

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1" x 1.38"  Soft Enamel Pin Single Posted Rubber Clasp Inspired by "JOB" by Alphonse Mucha Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was an artist and graphic designer active during the Art Nouveau period in Paris. While he started his career in the art world, he soon found commercial success through advertising posters that frequently employed the female figure. A notable example is his poster "JOB" (1896) which features a nude woman to help promote JOB brand cigarette papers. The advertisement is clearly a product of its time, as the woman’s long, flowing hair is highly stylized and mirrors the lifting smoke from her lit cigarette, evoking the decorative aesthetics of Art Nouveau.

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