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Edie Borden Taxidermy Diorama Shadowbox *SOLD*

Edie Borden Taxidermy Diorama Shadowbox *SOLD*

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This is #14 in our Taxidermy art series. Miss Edie Borden, the infamous Victorian squirrel killer (inspired by Ed Gein and Lizzie Borden. She is making a chair using the bones of her victims. She always wears her best Victorian gown, being very careful not to "stain" it while using her prized axe. The box is handmade and framed in gold. There is a gold ceiling with a Victorian medallion framed light. The walls are papered in fancy flocked Victorian paper with cream carpeting. The squirrel is made using recycled parts and has been professionally preserved. There is a gold #14 Loved To Death 2010 plaque at the base of the frame. The box measures 7 3/4" deep 13 3/4" high and 12" wide.



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