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Victorian Oddfellows Celluloid Pin Anchor Heart

Victorian Oddfellows Celluloid Pin Anchor Heart

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Victorian Celluloid Oddfellows Fraternal Pin – a meaningful emblem representing charity, faith, and hope, with the enduring symbol of an anchor. This vintage piece, measuring approximately 2 1/3" wide, carries the spirit of the Oddfellows fraternity and their timeless commitment to virtues that transcend eras.

With a working clasp ensuring both secure wear and a nod to historical functionality, this pin serves as a tangible connection to the past. The anchor symbolizes the values of charity, faith, and hope, offering a unique and enduring expression of fellowship.

Own a piece of Victorian history with this celluloid Oddfellows pin, a distinctive relic carrying the timeless ideals of charity, faith, and hope. Whether worn as a cherished vintage accessory or displayed as a collector's item, this pin beautifully encapsulates the enduring virtues of the Oddfellows fraternity.

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