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{ Tomb of Enrique Torres Belon } Dr Paul Koudounaris Framed Print

{ Tomb of Enrique Torres Belon } Dr Paul Koudounaris Framed Print

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Lampa, Peru ossuary tomb of Enrique Torres Belon photographed by Dr Paul Koudounaris. Framed in a black wood 13”x 19” unframed.

From Dr Paul;

”An extraordinary construction both inside and out. It was designed specifically as a grave for Belon, and deserves to be considered among the major achievements in human bone anywhere in the world. It is still almost completely unknown and seldom visited by anyone outside of the region due to its incredibly remote location–Lampa is a tiny village (with all the skeletons in this tomb, there may very well be as many dead people as living in Lampa) in the Andean highlands a few hours from the Bolivian border. While it is given a lengthy discussion in the Chapter Five of the book (and I also wrote an article about it for an issue of Rue Morgue), in some ways I have always been reluctant to publicize this site because its anonymity to the outside world makes it a more authentic part of the mythos and spiritual life of the village. I am sure my fears about this site becoming over-publicized and potentially exploited are unjustified, however, since it will be a very long time, if ever, before busloads of tourists are headed to Lampa.“

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