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Loved To Death

Original Victorian Round Framed Little Red Riding Hood Vamp

Original Victorian Round Framed Little Red Riding Hood Vamp

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Rare Victorian Black Glass Fireplace Flu Cover wall hanging - Little Red Riding Hood with Blood Detail

Add a touch of rare Victorian charm to your collection with this extraordinary black glass flu cover. Featuring a hauntingly unique depiction of Little Red Riding Hood, this piece captures a dramatic twist on the classic tale. With blood around her mouth and on her clothing, this unusual artwork suggests she has triumphed over the Big Bad Wolf.


• Unique Victorian Artwork: Distinctive round flu cover showcasing Little Red Riding Hood in a rare and eerie portrayal.
• Encased in a striking black glass frame that highlights the vivid details of the image.
• Great Condition: Preserved in great condition, a few little mars under the glass. A valuable addition to any collection.
•  Measures approximately 9 inches, perfect for display in any room.

This flu cover is an extremely rare find, combining Victorian artistry with a dark twist on a beloved fairy tale. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of unique Victorian pieces, this item is sure to be a conversation starter.

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