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Victorian Milkweed Fairy Fairies Framed Wall Art

Victorian Milkweed Fairy Fairies Framed Wall Art

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Victorian Milkweed Framed Wall Art - Dancing Fairies

Enchant your home with this captivating Victorian wall art, featuring three fairies dancing gracefully. This unique piece is framed with delicate milkweed under glass, no disintegration. The frame is in good condition, with minimal wear, making it a treasured addition to any dark decor home.


• Charming Victorian Artwork: Depicts three fairies in a whimsical dance, embodying the enchantment of Victorian fairy art.
• Delicate Milkweed: Adds a natural and ethereal element to the piece, enhancing its fairy-tale charm.
• Excellent Condition: The artwork is well-preserved, with minimal wear on the frame, maintaining its historical integrity.
• Ideal Display Size: Measures approximately 8 x 10 inches, perfect for adding a touch of Victorian magic to any wall.

This Victorian milkweed framed wall art is a beautiful and rare find, ideal for collectors and lovers of vintage fairy art. Its enchanting design and excellent condition make it a perfect addition to any home.

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