{ Serpentine } Mark Laita


Photographer Mark Laita unveils a pantheon of spectacular snakes in this electrifying collection. Inciting both allure and alarm, shining pastel pythons and vibrant green vipers slither across the pages. An illuminating essay by William T. Vollmann accompanies the images, delving into the associations with snakes that haunt our collective imagination. From the iridescent blue Malaysian coral snake to the candy-cane-striped albino Honduran milk snake, the aptly named beautiful pit viper, and the gleaming black mamba, the world’s most dangerous and gorgeous snakes are pictured in Serpentine, showing off their fascinating colors and textures—as well as the sensual forms their movement creates. Through Laita’s lens, there is nothing they can do, no position they can take, that fails to be anything but mesmerizing.

Mark Laita has spent most of his career photographing nature and American cultures. His work has been exhibited at many galleries in the United States and Europe. Laita is also the author of Abrams’ Sea. He lives in Los Angeles.

William T. Vollmann is a novelist, journalist, short story writer, essayist, and winner of the National Book Award. He lives in Sacramento.

    200 pages
      12.5 x 12.5 x 1