Pheromone Art By Christopher Marley: Sagra Prism

Beautiful Framed Specimen art piece by Christopher Marley. In the Sagra Prism, a variety of colors, shapes and sizes synchronize to create a kaleidoscopic effect that may at first be mistaken for glasswork or tile rather than insects. Selected for their brilliance as well as form and complimentary coloration, the beetles used in Sagra Prism again illustrate an effectively aesthetic dichotomy when colliding perfect symmetry with the organic. This piece is on white matt and framed in black. It is packed very carefully and can be shipped within the United States.
  • Measurements16×20
  • White matt 
  • Black Frame
From The Artist Christopher Marley:

rec•la•ma•tion [rek-luh-mey-shuh n]

n. The process or industry of deriving usable materials from waste, by-products, etc.

The newest line of reclaimed artifacts is my most dramatic to date. Utilizing a huge network of museums, breeders and zoos with whom I've worked over the years, I acquire the specimens that die of natural or incidental causes and preserve them in my trademark aesthetic. 


No organisms are harmed in or for the creation of Reclamation pieces. 


As the availability of most of the Reclamation organisms is entirely unpredictable, each piece is truly one of a kind – some never to be repeated. 


Now you don’t have to choose between your conscience and your passion to experience the earth’s rarest, most exquisite creatures up close. We've reclaimed these exotic vertebrates and created stunning, karma-free artwork that is unsurpassed in impact.