Mini Tarot Deck Incense Box Set

  • $62.00

Mini tarot deck box set, includes Tarot deck of your choice; choices are The Linestrider Tarot, Tarot of Pagan Cats or Ceccoli Tarot Deck. You will receive on pack of the best smelling stick incense I have ever offered. You can choose between Hermitage (patchouli), White Lodge (pine & cedar), The Green Fairy ( absinthe), Herbal Renewal (lavender & rosemary) and Quoth the Raven (orange spice, cinnamon & clove). You will also receive a mini cast iron cauldron, rainbow rose petals white sage stick and a jar of colored matches! Add your deck and match color In the notes of your order. This set is valued at $72, sold for $62!

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