{ Melisande, the Puppet Mistress } Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Fragrance LIMITED


From The Carnaval Diabolique Collection

Melisande, the Puppet Mistress

Behind the diminutive stage, the puppet mistress stands, a pale and grinning Professor, the Lady of Chaos. Her hands are tangled in web-like strings; a swazzle peeks through her violet lips. Behind her, you see a wavering image, with all the vague haziness of a mirage: a leaping coyote, a flame-haired and scarred Norseman, a glittering golden spider, a laughing monkey, a leering satyr, a shadowy flutist, and an African youth dressed in black and red.

Jasmine sambac, dark musk, violet water, vanilla bean and mimosa.

5ML Vial


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