Krampus Solid Perfume - A Dark, Wintery Aroma

  • $12.00

Wildly popular in 2019, Krampus is back for a much-anticipated 2020 release! This Krampus-inspired solid perfume starts with a wintery top-note of peppermint and fir, delving deeper through frankincense, spice, and patchouli. Its complex blend of essential oils is a sinisterly-scented twist on holiday classics. We developed a seasonal winter scent, inspired by the eldritch demon of lore who steals away naughty people to unspeakable realms. This blend of botanicals starts off with a sharp scent of winter, descending to shadow-drenched woods. A lingering spice gives a warm hint of Christmas. But is this real? Or just a manifestation of Krampus? This is a limited edition seasonal perfume for winter 2020. Also try our Krampus incense.

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