"Burned Out" Derek Hess Acrylic on Laser Etched Wood Panel


Derek Hess { Burned Out } Wood Etched, acrylic. Measures 10" x 20"

This 'Burned Out' is burned or etched into the wood, the red on the arms I laid down with a wire brush, I worked fast with the crude tools to keep the feel consistent with the rest of the piece. The first laser etched piece done with 1xRUN, Hemorrhage, came out so nice and true to the original that another one would be cool to try. Burned Out was a no brainer, it's burned out..

What is cool about these pieces is they are all part of an edition, all the figures are handled the same, so it is a true edition. But at the same time each one is unique because the red is different on every one. What I find very cool about this piece is you get a unique one of a kind signed and numbered edition print, it's the best of both worlds." - Derek Hess