{ Attitude Adjustment } Apothekerri Bath

{ Attitude Adjustment } Apothekerri Bath

  • $18.00

Hand crafted here in San Francisco by our local bath Witch Apothekerri, with Organic ingredients and love, as always.

"You Could Use an Attitude Adjustment", with the best intentions.

A Clean Slate combo & a Love Spell fizzy packaged together with some glittery stars. Included is a Tub tea, which is a blend of these organic herbs: sage (white ceremonial & regular) lavender flowers, peppermint & spearmint.
A large Fizzy with the scent blend of: bay leaf, ho wood, sage, spearmint, lavender, fenugreek co2. 
Love Spell Fizzy Melt - Amber & everything good smell labdanum, balsam peru, clary sage, cognac, honey, vanilla, rose buds.


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