Easy Tarot Josephine Ellershaw, Ciro Marchetti

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Created especially for beginners, the Easy Tarot kit is the easiest way to learn to read Tarot cards. In the Easy Tarot Handbook, author Josephine Ellershaw shares tips, shortcuts, and time-saving techniques gained from more than thirty years of experience reading Tarot cards.

Using the beautiful Gilded Tarot deck, you'll learn how the seventy-eight cards link to one another and provide insight as their unique energies merge in the Cross of Truth, the Celtic Cross, and other spreads. There is even a list of card combinations that commonly indicate specific events-such as pregnancy, a wedding, a new job, and more. Also included in the Easy Tarot Handbook:

• A quick guide to card meanings
• Sample readings, safeguards, and ethical guidelines
• Tips on keeping a Tarot diary
• Troubleshooting advice that addresses questions such as, "What if the cards don't seem to connect?"

Yes, You Can Read the Tarot!

Are you ready to learn to read the Tarot? Perhaps you've seen other people read the cards and been amazed at what they revealed. Perhaps you thought you needed some sort of special psychic abilities or magical powers to understand their symbols. The truth, however, is that anyone willing to spend a little time with a Tarot deck and the right teacher can learn the Tarot. You can read the cards!

Now, Llewellyn is proud to present Easy Tarot, the complete set that can help anyone learn to read the Tarot. Inside the decorative box you'll find three tools. The first is one of the most beautiful Tarot decks ever created, The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. This deck has been described as the "perfect working deck." Its brilliant colors and fantastic art are consistent with traditional symbolism, so what you learn can be used with any standard Tarot deck. But we think once you start working with The Gilded Tarot you will love it and want to use it for all your readings. It will inspire your interpretations and thrill anyone you read for.

The Linchpin of Learning
Even the best Tarot deck will look mysterious until you learn the meaning of the cards. Included in this set is the Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw. Rather than focusing on history or philosophy, it focuses on the practical aspects of Tarot reading, giving you 22 easy steps that provide everything you need to know to read the cards.

The first part of this book answers the basic questions every budding Tarot reader asks: How does the Tarot work? How soon will I be able to do readings? If the Tarot reveals our future, are our lives ruled by fate? What about free will? Then you'll learn how to prepare yourself and the cards for giving a reading. You'll also discover how to keep a Tarot diary and work with your intuition.

Meet the Tarot
The next section of the book reveals the secrets of each card of the Tarot. It describes the symbolism and the meanings of the cards in ways that are clear and easy to grasp. You will want to keep this book handy for reference until you have an in-depth understanding of the symbols and interpretation of each of the Tarot "keys." It also explains:

How to formulate questions to ask the Tarot
How to shuffle and cut the cards
Whether you should use a "significator" card
How to choose the right Tarot spread for any question

Then you'll learn to use five different spreads. They are completely revealed, and sample readings are given so you'll see exactly how they work.

This kit is more useful and comprehensive than any other introduction to the Tarot. You'll learn how to deal with reversed cards, how cards in a spread relate to each other, what to do if you have difficulty interpreting a card and how to read for other people. There is also a "cheat sheet" with all the meanings of the cards in a very brief form.

As a special feature and third part of this set we've included a magnificent layout sheet with an advanced version of the famed Celtic Cross Spread where you can place your cards.

If you're tired of paying others to read the Tarot for you, or if you have always wanted to read the cards, this is simply the best way to become a Tarot reader.

Boxed kit, deck & book. 240 pages | 5 x 8 x 2 IN



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