Rattlesnake Viper "Sperm" Protection Incense

  • $14.00

Use alleged rattle viper sperm incense in rituals of Santeria voodoo magical spiritual healing cleansing and jinx removing.  It is known to be a powerful incense for removing jinxes and clearing away bad influences.To protect your home business workplace against envy jinxes hexes and failures.

Directions: At the entrance or entrances of the exterior of the home office or business form with incense No. 1 (white) one figure that resembles a snake shaped S. In front of this with incense No. 2 (Yellow) make a 2 shape so that you are left with the following figure:  52.

You will need a tetragramathon medal. Tie two candles together with a red ribbon one white and one black place the candles and light them in the front of the figure of the snakes and recite the following prayer: I have in my hand the powerful Tetragramathon with which I perform the mystery of transmutation to bring life to these snakes to care for and protect this place from the snares of enemies envy and ill will.  That these snakes to which at this time give them life search attack and destroy without pity and without mercy to whom would want to do damage steal my belongings jinx and hex me or wish upon me misfortune.  I order these snakes to clean dissolve and protect me from all evil Amen. After the prayer light the incense. Upon completion of this ritual collect and dispose it back to the earth or under running water.

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